Welcome to Plug Into BIM!

Author: Daniel Díez Cañameras

I have been working on BIM projects for a while and I have finally decided to create my own small place to start sharing the experience I have been gathering for the last years.

As most of BIM community members I feel a deep passion about BIM, this is why, although having a full time job, I devote a great deal of my spare time on creating content and tools to show in this web page.

Right now there are not too many things, I know! ,… but I expect this will change soon.

Although I am a Technical Architect I have been developing a depth interest in programming, that is why I am focusing on learning on this field as much as I can.

For this reason in this web page you will find some Revit Tools I have been working on.

Working in big box warehouse projects, these tools have become a key piece for me and now I want to share them.

These tools have been created for resolving real problems in real BIM projects.