Attach Foundations to Topography

Ribbon button under Plug Into BIM tab.

This tool is intended to streamline the embedment calculation process of structural foundation piles and shafts into bearing stratum.

Dialog box overview: Modify Foundation Piles & Foundation Shafts Length

  • Structural Foundation Families in Model: This List Box will show only structural foundation families that are visible in the current 3D View. Use this feature to filter families by view and apply different Depth calculations to them.
  • Schema: Used to show the physical relationship between geometry and parameters.

Depth: Structural foundation embedment into bearing stratum

Length: Global Pile-Shaft length

Dimension: Pile-Shaft physical dimension

  • Option A: Fixed Value x Dimension: Selecting this radio button you will calculate Depth into bearing stratum as a formula:

Fixed Value = Constant value (not length)

Dimension parameter name (Type) = Pile-Shaft physical dimension

  • Option B: Fixed Value: Selecting this radio button you will calculate Depth into bearing stratum as a constant length:

Fixed Value = Length value (not constant)

Dimension parameter name (Type) = Disabled

  • Length parameter Name (Instance): Storage parameter for Global Pile-Shaft length
  • Check Families: This button will apply a filter with current settings to show families that will be modified. This step is not mandatory, only for visual checking.
  • Select Topography: Use this button to select Revit topography as a bearing stratum
  • Topography in Linked Revit file: Use this check box to select linked Revit topography
  • Apply: This button will modify Pile-Shaft Global lengths from current settings
  • Close: This button will close the dialog box

Link to video:

Download at:

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