Create Read-Only Shared Parameters

Ribbon button under Plug Into BIM tab.

This tool is intended to create Read-Only Shared Parameters to strength data entry reliability.


This tool must be used in conjunction with other custom tools like Select & Assign Model Data Sets that allows read & write project Shared Parameters.


Dialog box overview: Create Read-Only Shared Parameters

  • Project Shared Parameter file: Full path to Shared Parameter file on disk
  • Parameter Group: Drop down list with all existing groups in Shared Parameter file
  • Parameters: List box with all existing parameters under the selected group
  • Parameter Name: Write the parameter name
  • Type of Parameter: Text or Number. Take into account that if you want to make calculations with values stored in the parameter you must choose Number. For other parameters, Text should be suitable enough
  • Add Parameter: Add the parameter under the selected group

Steps overview:

Previous work:

A. Check if the current Revit Project has Shared Parameter file associated to it

B. If you need to create new Groups into the Shared Parameter file, go to Manage Tab – Shared Parameters tool and create the new Group 

  1. Click Create Read-Only Shared Parameters button
  2. Select Parameter Group from the drop down list
  3. Write the new Parameter name
  4. Select Type of Parameter from the drop down list (Only Text & Number available)
  5. Click Add Parameter button
  6. Repeat these steps as needed.

Link to video:

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