Curtain Wall Patterns Designer

Ribbon button under Plug Into BIM tab.

This tool is intended to streamline the process of defining custom and repetitive panel patterns applied to curtain walls.


Dialog box overview: Curtain Wall Panel Patterns

  • Curtain Panels and Walls: Listbox with all available elements to be selected.
  • Create and Edit Pattern Groups: Here is where you will build your custom patterns.
  • Add Group: First step to start building your custom patterns. When a group is added you will be able to select and add elements from the Listbox.
  • Delete Group: This button will erase the selected Group with all the panels contained in it.
  • Up & Down: These buttons will allow you to move panels Up & Down inside the current Group. You can not move panels between existing Groups.
  • Add Item: Once an item has been selected from the Listbox, this button will add the selected item into the selected Group. If no Group is selected then the item will not be added.
  • Delete Item: This button will erase the selected item placed into a Group.
  • Clear All: This will allow you to erase all the existing Groups and panels in the view.
  • Select Curtain Wall: In order to proceed with this application you must select the curtain wall you want to work with.
  • Apply: This button will modify the selected curtain wall with your custom patterns. Warning:Create and Edit Pattern Groups” list can not be empty. If empty NO changes will apply to the curtain wall.
  • New Pattern (Name): Write the name for your custom pattern before saving it.
  • Save: Once you are satisfied with your custom pattern you can save it for future uses and modifications.
  • Saved Patterns: Drop down list with all saved patterns name.
  • Select: Clicking this button you will display the selected Pattern configuration into the list”Create and Edit Pattern Groups” so you can review, edit and save it again with another name.
  • Delete: With this button you will be able to erase those groups that have become outdated.
  • Default file path: This field will show the path where the external file has been created. This file will contain all the information you provided during the Patterns configuration.

Possible scenarios:

    • If  Workshared project: The external file will search the Central Model location*.
    • If Standalone project: The external file will search the Project file location.
    • If Detached or Not Saved: The tool will prompt you to save the project before continuing.

* When it comes to Workshared projects, this information must be accessible for all team members and new ones too. This way new Local Files will show the latest information related to this tool.

Steps overview:

  1. Select the curtain wall you want to work with.
  2. Add groups and add panels (as many groups and panels as you need!)
  3. Apply and see the results. Pinned panels will not change!
  4. Make changes to panel groups (add panel, delete panel, move panel up and down, delete group, add group,…).
  5. Save your custom configurations.
  6. Retrieve, Edit and Save your custom configurations as new configurations.

Proposed workflow:

Once the external file configuration has been saved, it constains all the information generated in your project related to curtain wall patterns. This can be a usefull starting point for new projects as well as a Template for a regular customer.

Copy and Paste this external file into the same folder as your Central File or Standalone File.

Warning: You must check before that all families used in the last project already exists in the new project.

In case you have to control fixed elements in your facade, you can pin them so that they will not change!

Link to video:

Download at: https://apps

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